Turning the Page

Two days ago, I made a big decision: I added a middle name to my facebook profile and became Cheryl Page DeWolfe. Within the first hour three people (including Kiddo) messaged me privately to ask about it. By the morning a few more had asked. I realized I could either keep answering one person at a time or I could just make a post about it. The responses tumbled in. Lots of “loves” and “likes” Continue Reading →

My Joy Takes Nothing From You

I can’t fully look forward without looking back, so I will start with wise words from Frazey Ford that helped to keep my head above water through the middle of 2015. “My joy takes nothing from you” is one of the lyrics in her amazing anthem, Done. Haven’t heard it? Here: Now, the situation was not the same but I left a relationship. I did not like the person I’d become over the previous 18 Continue Reading →

Authenticity and Me

Finding my authentic self is an ongoing journey. Between my marriage ending and just being old enough to no longer care about how others see me, I am in the midst of a lot of “change.” I put change in air quotes because it’s more about peeling back layers to reveal who I have always been. Does that sound flaky? (Don’t care, really) Maybe it is… but you can think of it almost literally; like Continue Reading →

Talking to Rocks

So yeah. This weekend, I talked to a rock. More specifically, I asked a question of a rock and received an answer. Basic divination — along the lines of reading tarot or casting runes, but being guided by the spirit within the rock itself. Perhaps I should back up a little. I attended the Way of the Shaman introductory workshop this weekend. Two full days of exploring what it means to open oneself to working Continue Reading →

Yes, I’m Happy.

Lately, I’ve been told by a lot of people that I seem happy. Some are surprised given the upheaval of my life this year, but most seem genuinely relieved to see me going about life confidently, and that there is a sparkle to my eyes again. One person commented how much she enjoyed the way I “see beauty everywhere” in reference to the photos I had been posting; another asked if I was actually happy Continue Reading →

Blame Game

As we move forward through the separation, one thing has been clear. It doesn’t seem to matter what I say or to whom I say it, some people outside the marriage will make up their own mind about who is “to blame” for the breakup. As I stated in mea culpa, I hid things from Shawn; I hid multiple infidelities and relationships both in person and online over a protracted period. The fact that he Continue Reading →