Read Harder

The last reading challenge I did was in 2015 — I didn’t come anywhere near completing the 52 books on that list and I found it frustrating to always try and fit what I read into that list but it did expose me to things I would not have otherwise selected. This year, I am going to dive into Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge. It’s their fourth kick at the can. There are 24 categories Continue Reading →


I realized today that my YearOfYes hit the one year mark last month and I need to stop looking for things to do. The start of this year has been especially top-heavy with commitments and I am wearing out. Meanwhile, my word of the year is “complete” and I look around to see very little actually completed. My knitting projects are largely stalled (only the one I took to work has shown real progress) although Continue Reading →

Just One Word

A lot of people I know choose a word or three words to use as a focus for their year ahead. Focus was the word I chose for myself in 2015 although I had to shift that focus a few times through that year. I didn’t choose a word in 2016, but instead made a promise to live “openly, authentically, and to the fullest” — and that promise persists. So, for 2017, one word or Continue Reading →

My Joy Takes Nothing From You

I can’t fully look forward without looking back, so I will start with wise words from Frazey Ford that helped to keep my head above water through the middle of 2015. “My joy takes nothing from you” is one of the lyrics in her amazing anthem, Done. Haven’t heard it? Here: Now, the situation was not the same but I left a relationship. I did not like the person I’d become over the previous 18 Continue Reading →

Taking Advice from the Universe

Recently I posted a status update on Facebook, “Sometimes the universe whispers. Tonight it yelled in my ear.”   The next morning I laughed because of the video with Bill Nye making fun of how often certain people say “it was like the universe was telling me….” (from Inside Amy Schumer.) But, in all seriousness, I think there is a certain frequency we can all access if we are still and attentive. And for what Continue Reading →

Shadow of Doubt

One of my least favorite traits, and one I really need to shake off as I move forward, is the unwelcome but ubiquitous umbrella of self-doubt that sometimes creeps up as full blown impostor syndrome. Yesterday, it did exactly that. Earlier in the week, a friend posted that he needed an employee or personal assistant and, since he runs a comic store and draws comics, I joked that I should submit a resume in comic Continue Reading →

What’s on the Other Side?

The other day, Shawn asked me what I want to be on “the other side of all this.” I said I didn’t know yet. I mean, the first word that leapt to mind was free — and there is an aspect of casting-off-of-shackles, but there is also a larger part about just returning the focus of what I do to me. It sounds selfish, and perhaps it is, but there are a lot of times when I Continue Reading →


In 2011, the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines were revised — this is what resulted in a lot of media panic over kids’ inactivity; the recommendations stated that kids should be getting a minimum of 60 min per day of activity. For adults, the guide says, “Adults age 18 to 64 should strive to accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity per week, in bouts of 10 minutes or more” Continue Reading →


Well, thanks to circumstances, it seems like 2015 is going to be the “finally got around to doing…” year. Today, I finally took down all the Christmas lights outside. Most of the ones around the windows out front were dead/dying anyway so they will go to the land of dead tech. I salvaged the 4 or 5 strings of newer LED lights. I also finally removed the solar powered multicolour lights from the cedar bush Continue Reading →

Shift of Focus

Wow, did I ever pick the right word for the year. I still need to focus, it will just be on different priorities, although most of the goals will remain. I still intend to do the reading challenge. I still intend to play more board and card games, and to get out and be active. I am putting on hold the writing and editing but the 26 boxes of crap will likely be “just a Continue Reading →