Back to Class

When I woke up Thursday morning, the idea of going back to school was not on my mind. In fact, it hasn’t been on my mind for, well, decades. And yet a newsletter prompt took me to a link for the Public Relations Diploma program offered through UVic’s Continuing Studies — it’s delivered online; there are just 7 required courses plus 3 electives to complete the diploma; there isn’t a specific timeline and the cost Continue Reading →

Spiritual Asphalt

Recently, on a particularly crappy day, I was returning from a meeting and happened to pass a table set up by the Catholic students’ group on campus; they had a cardboard Pope to pose with. I smiled and walked past but then I decided it was just too amusing to pass up. I turned around and asked them to take my photo — one of them even hid behind the cut out to make it Continue Reading →

Cumberland Miners’ Memorial Weekend

This weekend, I had two events in one to attend: the Pacific Northwest Labour History Association Conference and the Cumberland Miners’ Memorial Weekend. It has been a whirlwind of labour learning in a village that has become my favourite place on the Island. (Yesterday, I found myself wondering, “What’s the catch?” presuming it must be something like a Shirley Jackson style lottery.) I arrived early and took in some guided tours of the museum and Continue Reading →

December 26th Twelve Days of Christmas

Most of us are familiar with the Twelve Days of Christmas but not everyone realizes they start Christmas Day and run through to January 6th, Epiphany. Denis Bratcher discusses the history of the celebrations but also relates each of the 12 gifts to its Christian meaning, referencing Biblical verses on the Christian Resource Institute publication, The Voice:

Meaning To Read

Ulysses. It’s one of those books that has always been on that long list of books I “ought to read” but wasn’t terribly keen on reading. I had been told repeatedly — by many English teachers and professors — that it was a difficult book to read so I had steered clear. For the last little while at work, it has been the book that is “on deck” — I’ve been scanning an early two Continue Reading →

Learning Augmented Reality

Having worked in libraries for more than 25 years, one of the things I have grown ever-more passionate about promoting unique collections and getting resources out “into the wild.” Augmented reality offers a very real way of getting resources into the hands and eyes of anyone with a smartphone or tablet. When selecting the subject for my project, I wanted to keep the project geographically local, and to draw material from the UVic Libraries Archives. Continue Reading →

Hello, China!

Fresh from Social Media Camp and one of the most interesting talks we attended was about Chinese social media (talk was by Paul Salo — full video embedded below). So today, Shawn and I got our feet wet by joining — China’s answer to Twitter. You might be wondering “Why?” but why not? I think it’s great to be able to find a new audience for my writing and my photos; and inside China, they Continue Reading →

Coaches’ Preview: All C’s

This year, hubby and I will be wearing our team colours and coaching newcomers at Social Media Camp starting Monday. We have been assigned seven newcomers whom I’m sure will have varied needs and differing levels of comfort and skill. So how will we manage all of this? Well, we will do our best to answer their questions (or find them answers) and we will stick to some basic advice about social media. Be Complementary. Continue Reading →

The learning curve of wine

Many years ago, when I was in England and first drinking, I had a very bad reaction following a meal that included wine. The doctor I spoke to concluded — for whatever reason — that I was “allergic to wine.” I was 18 and it didn’t occur to me to question a doctor so, for many years I simply avoided wine and grape juice. And I mean many years — it wasn’t until Mike started Continue Reading →

Learning and Sharing

Despite how crazy the past few weeks have been, we managed to cram in WordCamp Victoria on Saturday. We had a great time slot  — between the keynote and lunch — and a decent number of people in the room for our talk that we cheekily called “Paying for Love,” all about premium themes. (The Prezi for our session is also online if you are interested.) I know, you may have heard me say I Continue Reading →