Life is Short

In the grand scheme of things, we get only a limited number of years to live out on this planet. My biggest take-away from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos all those years ago was just how brief human existence really is. My life thus far has included some great years and some shitty years and as much as 2016 has included some big downer moments on the global stage (yes, I am casting a stink-eye at the Continue Reading →

What is it about Mango?

Maybe I am showing my age, but when I hear whispers of “Mango…,” a part of my brain leaps to the SNL character played by Chris Kattan, the running gag being that the ambiguous character was irresistible to virtually everyone. The rest of my brain is simply saying “Eww,” because mango is not a fruit I enjoy. So when every other cask at this year’s Great Candadian Beer Festival turned out to be mango-something-or-other, I Continue Reading →

Morning Exercise

Today was the third day of the new schedule and I’ve done three different yoga video routines. I started with the Kripalu Yoga: Gentle DVD. I’ve been doing this routine for many years on and off — I had it on VHS and it was my introduction to Yoga. I love the beginner-level transitions, clear explanations, and with three people they show variations for most poses. It’s a half hour long — there’s a second portion that adds Continue Reading →

Kiki of Montparnasse

I just finished reading the wonderful graphic novel, Kiki de Montparnasse which brought back a flood of memories from third year University where I studied the literary Montparnasse of the 20s and 30s through Gertrude Stein’s Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas and later looked at the whole community of creative expatriates and bohemians who gathered there from all corners of the globe. Here’s a trailer for the graphic novel (worth watching if you are remotely Continue Reading →

Damn you, John Green

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green My rating: 5 of 5 stars My eyes are still puffy and scratchy from the tears — I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler that there is death in a book about teens who meet at a cancer support group — and I don’t think I’ve shed so many tears over the written page since Dumbledore was so rudely done in. Hazel and Gus are Continue Reading →

Protein Powder Power-up

When I started adding smoothies to my diet, the goal was twofold: to get more fruit & vegetables into my diet and to keep me full just as long as a big “traditional” breakfast of eggs, meat & toast. The key to keeping me full seems to be protein and ground chia seeds were working well for that, but I decided to try a few protein powders to see if they would do the trick Continue Reading →

Media in a Box

When we were last in Vancouver (actually Richmond) we stopped into NCIX and ended up leaving with a new toy: the WD TV Live box for just under $100. You’ve probably heard of Boxee or Apple TV; WD TV Live is similar. Basically it’s a little wi-fi unit that plugs into a TV and allows you to access digital media and streaming services like Netflix or Shoutcast (of course some like Hulu and Spotify are geo-blocked Continue Reading →

Laser City Fun Birthday

  I’d always thought that laser tag was an amusing holdover from decades past and was surprised that anyone ever set foot in LaserCity Fun Centre on View St. Last fall, however, Kiddo was invited to a birthday party there so, in we went.  We weren’t surprised to find that the arcade games were all older than any kid at the party and that the place looked a little bombed-out but Kiddo had a great Continue Reading →

Cheers, Radisson!

Friday, we snuck off to the mainland for a quick visit with family. Since it was post-Christmas we weren’t too worried about booking much in advance. We often stay at Holiday Inn Express hotels but a couple of times, we’ve stayed at the Radisson in Richmond.   We love the location (right across from Aberdeen Centre) and almost everything else about the hotel (including a very nice fitness room). The big problem? Sleep Number beds. Continue Reading →

New Books

I got a few new books under the tree this year: Mars Attcks 50th Anniversary Collection, Rudyard Kipling’s Tales of Horror & Fantasy, and Darth Vader and Son (pictured) I also got gift certificates for Legends Books & Comics and Russel Books. I spent some of those after Christmas on some more reading material: two vegetarian cookbooks plus Chester Brown’s The Little Man, short strips 1980-1995 and The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, a Continue Reading →