Consent is Consent is Consent

I am happy to live in Canada which, on the whole, doesn’t get bent out of shape over kinky things that public or private people may do in their own homes, write about, or even act out on camera, but it seems there is still a double standard when it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct or violence when it intersects with kink. When CBC personality Jian Ghomeshi was fired, and that was followed by Continue Reading →

The Uncanny Valley of Windows 8

Those of you who know me in real life have heard about my woes over the past year with my MacBook Pro. Two logic boards and a replacement hard drive later, just barely 3 years of ownership, and it is no longer operational. Turns out, a whole lot of them that were sold in 2011 had the same problems and there is potential for a class action lawsuit. In the meantime, I parked my paperweight Continue Reading →

I am familiar with that story

How many times have you stopped someone who was talking and said, “I’m familiar with that story,” or something similar? Or maybe not said anything but internally tuned out? I stop reading if an article seems too familiar or a movie gets into that predictable zone. I roll my eyes and talk back to the television when they run regular-as-clockwork “news” pieces — there was an earthquake somewhere on the globe? Let’s do a streeter Continue Reading →

Pop Culture or Cultural Appropriation?

Sooooooo, there’s been a heap of controversy over Avril Lavigne’s new video, “Hello Kitty.” I finally watched/listened and I didn’t hate the song. It’s not going to be a classic, but pop doesn’t need to be particularly well written, just catchy.* Of course only about half the complaints are about the music. The rest are about the video — specifically the 4 women all dressed the same who act as back up dancers/set dressing and Continue Reading →

Five Ways to Lose Friends and Followers

I am a very active user of social media and I add, follow, hide, and unfollow people all the time. I am constantly adjusting my wall or feed depending on the service. Twitter is probably the easiest to manage and Google+ still hasn’t become popular enough to warrant much tweaking. Facebook however, requires constant babysitting. In some cases, it is Facebook’s internal fiddling as they tweak the interface subtly or not-so-subtly with increasing frequency. In Continue Reading →

Tired of Waiting

Since mid-October, the Victoria area transit drivers & mechanics have been exercising their right to job action: they have not been wearing uniforms and have not been working any overtime.  While this might not seem like much, it means that as drivers call in sick, they are not being replaced. Instead, their shifts are simply cancelled.  Sidebar: I suspect management could better balance the missing trips but would prefer the union get the public’s wrath.  Continue Reading →

Ignorance is bliss

Awwww, heck. I was happily playing around with our Sodastream using Torani syrup tonight and put that out on Facebook only to be informed that the machine and syrups are “manufactured in illegally occupied West Bank lands.” I thought it must be a hoax… but then I started digging… and my heart sank. It seems that while the syrups are manufactured in Israel proper, the machines are manufactured in the disputed West Bank area. And Continue Reading →


I’ve been exhausted by work lately — the tasks on my to-do list have been limited to things that require very focused attention (weeks of OCR proofreading followed by a few days of photo editing). The result has been basically burnout for the last 6 weeks or so. When I get home, all I do is surf the web mindlessly… Which means I haven’t been writing, nor blogging, nor even taking photos to upload to Flickr. Continue Reading →

True versus Accurate

Last weekend, This American Life posted a retraction of an earlier episode, one that had touched off much of the criticism of FoxConn and Apple. The person who submitted the original piece is Mike Daisey, a performer who maintains that his monologue is true. Ira Glass, host/producer of This American Life felt that Daisey had lied. Accusing someone of lying is pretty harsh. Glass is a journalist; journals are expected to be accurate and factual. Daisey Continue Reading →

Cost Overruns are to be Expected

City Councillor Ben Isitt noted  on Facebook today, “Major cost overruns are projected for the new Johnson Street Bridge — from $77-million to $93-million. Should Council opt for a simpler, more functional, more cost-effective design (that is strong enough to survive a major quake and accommodate light rail)? Let us know between now and Thursday:” I decided I did have an opinion, and I started to draft a quick letter. The more I wrote, Continue Reading →