Comfort Zone: Exit, this way

While I have greatly expanded my comfort zone in recent years, there are still a lot of things that exist well outside that zone. Traveling to another province to take in a two day music festival full of many hip-hop acts I’d never heard of before this weekend, well that was outside my zone. Luckily, Juggalos are a very welcoming group and that’s what this festival was: the Canadian Juggalo Weekend — the first of Continue Reading →

Twas the – Oh Damn, It’s Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas in my little flat That I share with my kid and a wee skittish cat I purchased new stockings and put up a tree But decor’s at a minimum this year for me I’ve no Christmas baking but plenty to eat I picked up a gingerbread kit to complete There’s also a fruitcake and chocolates galore Not skimping on calories, you can be sure. It still doesn’t feel like it’s Continue Reading →

Rock Legend up Close

Well, not too close but the floor tickets to Alice Cooper let me get about thirty feet from the stage. Could have pushed in closer but I was pretty comfortable and had a great view where I was. I started to complain about standing for two hours then remembered who was on stage.  Alice Cooper is the same age as my mom. I’m not a superfan, but  2016 seems to be taking a lot of Continue Reading →

Ten Songs

Tumblr is full of Q&A posts and quite often I am asked for my top 5 or 10 songs… so I decided to post a list here that I could share across platforms and find again later. Here are some of the tracks I would like to have on my bomb-shelter mix tape/mp3 player/subdermal implant; these are all songs that I can listen to on repeat (and have) and most of them I sing along Continue Reading →

Whoop Whoop!

A lot of my friends have been boggled by my recent obsession over Insane Clown Posse. I’ve weathered everything from raised eyebrows to concerned brow furrows to derisive laughter. Friends have expressed shock that I not only bought tickets, but went to the show —  let alone that I ended up squarely in the splash zone/mosh pit, soaked to the bone with Faygo soda. Frankly it was one of the best nights of my life. Continue Reading →

Everything’s Coming Up Krampus

2015 will likely be remembered as the year Krampus hit mainstream. The Northern European tradition of Krampus started filtering into North America just a few years ago — some blaming the need for hipsters to have something different and edgy to celebrate; some seeing it as being just more aware of cultural traditions around the globe. Either way, the “anti-Santa” started making waves. I included Krampus in my festive flotsam posts in 2013, and last Continue Reading →

Finding Films

The rule is: life is way too short for crappy movies. The problem is there are a LOT of crappy movies out there… so how do you find the gems? Of course “crappy” is completely subjective, and some bad movies have to be seen, anyway, from a collective culture standpoint.  I will still watch a trainwreck of a film if I can be doing something else while the film runs or if I can watch Continue Reading →

Dollar Store DVDs

Once in a while, I check the DVD bins at various dollar stores, because you never know what you might find. They’re not always a dollar, sometimes $2 or even $4 but I’m usually only willing to risk a couple of bucks on something so unloved it ended up there. In November, I happened across a whole bin of Christmas-themed DVDs at Dollarama. Most were easy to leave behind but I pulled out two that Continue Reading →

Filling in the Detail

I’ve just returned from a week spent at the BC Federation of Labour Convention. It was at times mentally and emotionally draining, so I took my breaks alone, where possible, to recharge. Since we had limited time most days and since the weather was soggy for all but our last day in Vancouver, I kept my lunch breaks to the food court near the convention hall. The hallways leading between the hotels and the convention hall Continue Reading →

Consent is Consent is Consent

I am happy to live in Canada which, on the whole, doesn’t get bent out of shape over kinky things that public or private people may do in their own homes, write about, or even act out on camera, but it seems there is still a double standard when it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct or violence when it intersects with kink. When CBC personality Jian Ghomeshi was fired, and that was followed by Continue Reading →