Consent is Consent is Consent

I am happy to live in Canada which, on the whole, doesn’t get bent out of shape over kinky things that public or private people may do in their own homes, write about, or even act out on camera, but it seems there is still a double standard when it comes to allegations of sexual misconduct or violence when it intersects with kink. When CBC personality Jian Ghomeshi was fired, and that was followed by Continue Reading →

ALS, Ice, and Viral Video

What has made the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge so popular? It was a simple suggestion: they started by challenging celebrities and people who one might not expect to be OK with looking silly on camera to either donate to the cause or dump a bucked of ice water on their heads. Many celebrities ended up doing both. Charlie Sheen dumped $10K in cash on his head. Patrick Stewart used the ice for his whiskey and wrote Continue Reading →

Mostly Free Comics

Today was Freecomicbookday — the first Saturday in May when comic book retailers give away stacks of comics to anyone who drops into their stores. Most will limit the number you can select — Curious Comics lets each person choose up to four titles. Pictured are the four I chose this year. These aren’t (usually) back stock or unsellable overruns but instead are special editions printed just for FCBD. There are a dozen “gold” titles Continue Reading →

If Video killed the Radio Star, what is killing the mall?

I sometimes think our generation both created and now is destroying the shopping mall. I mean, I know they pre-date GenX, but check this quote: “Teen retail stores are down a full 31 percent according to Bloomberg. Unless teenagers now feel a collective urge to put down their smart phones and do something as heavily nostalgic as shopping in a mall — which, by the way, is intensely 1985 — it might be irreversible.” The Continue Reading →

Goodbye Mr. Hoffman

Celebrities come and go all the time but sometimes, someone will die and it will be a gut-punch for me. Today, it was Phillip Seymour Hoffman. He was more or less my age (46) and apparently died of a drug overdose. Such a waste, but he left behind an amazing body of work. Shawn and I have been watching him act since near the beginning of our relationship; we always looked forward to what he’d Continue Reading →

Victoria: home of architectural hoarding

I have lived in this city for most of my life. I am used to it, the way it is, or sometimes was. I am one of those people who will wax on about long-demolished buildings (e.g. the former Eatons Department store, above) and who oohs-and-ahhs when an “important” building is salvaged and given new life. But sometimes I have to agree with the friend who posted on a recent thread about a local landmark Continue Reading →

Let’s Explain Things to Sochi Financially

As the ripples spread around the web, it’s clear the western world is none too pleased with Russia’s timing. Coming out against gay rights just prior to the Winter Games to be held in Sochi is not sitting well. It’s all fine to circulate petitions demanding that the games be moved to another city but with inertia as it is, that’s simply not going to happen. What might work, is speaking with our wallets. Boycott Continue Reading →

Orange, Crushed.

Well. That happened. I came into this election feeling pretty damned apathetic. Our riding was pretty secure — even the earliest polls showed Rob Fleming out in front. Hubby even opted for a sign on our front lawn….   …but here’s my confession. Even though I really like Fleming — both as a person and as a representative — I could not support Adrian Dix as leader of the NDP let alone our Premier…. so Continue Reading →

May Day

It’s May first and I am home sick (I’m not really that sick, but Kiddo is, so I stayed home to look after her) and I am thinking about the duality of May Day celebrations. On one side is Beltane with its phallic maypole and celebrations of “coming together” (marriage & making babies) with parades and feasts. On the other is International Worker’s Day  (in Canada we celebrate on Labour Day instead), celebrating worker organization Continue Reading →