Learning and Sharing

Despite how crazy the past few weeks have been, we managed to cram in WordCamp Victoria on Saturday. We had a great time slot  — between the keynote and lunch — and a decent number of people in the room for our talk that we cheekily called “Paying for Love,” all about premium themes. (The Prezi for our session is also online if you are interested.) I know, you may have heard me say I Continue Reading →


I’ve been exhausted by work lately — the tasks on my to-do list have been limited to things that require very focused attention (weeks of OCR proofreading followed by a few days of photo editing). The result has been basically burnout for the last 6 weeks or so. When I get home, all I do is surf the web mindlessly… Which means I haven’t been writing, nor blogging, nor even taking photos to upload to Flickr. Continue Reading →

Prest-o Change-o

If you aren’t reading this from a news reader you’ll notice I redecorated. Procrastinating, yes, but the re-theming has been on my mind for a while. So here it is! What do you think? I like the ability to see multiple posts on the front page and the dual sidebars. You may notice a few more changes over the coming weeks as I fine-tune things (first thing that had to go was the bright orange Continue Reading →

Writing, Writing, Writing.

December seems to have included a lot of writing. While it has included work on Undead, my fiction has not been the focus. I’ve been working on some research projects, articles, course descriptions, blog posts, and ideas. (I have to write down the ideas or they will consume all of my other energy!) I’ve re-written sections of my LinkedIn profile and I’ve been re-writing lyrics for Christmas Carols. I’ve also been reading plenty of other writers’ writing Continue Reading →

Search Exclusions

Many thanks to @linuxchiq on Twitter for sharing a post from Librarian By Day which is focused on a TED talk by Eli Pariser about the danger of “personalized web results.” Here’s the talk: If you’re like me, you probably snapped to attention when the Eli showed the difference in two friends’ results for the same search on Google. In fact, I freaked out a little. I spend 99% of my web life logged in Continue Reading →

Copyright or not?

Consider this photo: It shows US President Barack Obama editing the address he gave on Sunday night. It’s part of The Whitehouse Flickr stream. If you view it on Flickr, one can plainly see in the right sidebar under “License,” that this is a United States Government Work, preceded by an open circle often used to indicate copyright-free status. Clicking the link, I learned this: A United States government work is prepared by an officer Continue Reading →

The Secret is in the Feeds

Wednesday, I tweeted this: And I got back responses from several people that surprised me ranging from not having a clue what RSS is to blatantly stating they had “no need for it.” No need? It’s like saying you have no need for reading! No need for information! Inconceivable! Here’s the thing: RSS Feeds are my secret to staying on top of what’s funny, interesting, alarming, and heartwarming in amongst all the other debris on the Continue Reading →

Funny story

Storytelling is an art, really, but it is one of the most accessible. We all tell stories from the time we are young, recounting our day at school or our dreams to our parents or making up things for our dolls our action figures to do. As we get older, we learn to tell stories to cover our tracks and to plead our case. Most often, though, we tell stories to entertain others. One of Continue Reading →

Contest Fatigue

Over the past year, I’ve run (and entered) a fair number of blog-based give-away contests. Entering is often as simple as leaving a comment but frequently there are “extra chances” of winning for sharing the contest out on Twitter, Facebook or another blog. Have you run any blog-based give-aways? I’d be curious to know how many entrants you had. I topped out with fewer than 20 on a Frugal Victoria give-away where I have nearly Continue Reading →

Creative Commons Image Basics

Kiddo wanted to know how to add an image to her blog and it was a question that came up over and over at WordCamp, too so I decided to pull together a basic tutorial. It’s a bit long-winded but I hope you find it helpful! While it isn’t completely intuitive, Flickr offers a powerful search tool for finding Creative Commons images. One option is to browse CC images: http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons/ The other is to search Continue Reading →