I realized today that my YearOfYes hit the one year mark last month and I need to stop looking for things to do. The start of this year has been especially top-heavy with commitments and I am wearing out. Meanwhile, my word of the year is “complete” and I look around to see very little actually completed. My knitting projects are largely stalled (only the one I took to work has shown real progress) although Continue Reading →

Twas the – Oh Damn, It’s Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas in my little flat That I share with my kid and a wee skittish cat I purchased new stockings and put up a tree But decor’s at a minimum this year for me I’ve no Christmas baking but plenty to eat I picked up a gingerbread kit to complete There’s also a fruitcake and chocolates galore Not skimping on calories, you can be sure. It still doesn’t feel like it’s Continue Reading →

Disruption in Space-Time

Well, maybe not so dire. But shifts and changes are afoot. After a lot of years of entangled and co-hosted websites, Shawn and I spent several hours over a few days earlier this month and split out the hosting of our websites. The result should be no different on your end — it’s all behind the scenes stuff; digital redirection — but if there is something you cannot find, give me a shout. Unfortunately, one Continue Reading →

Mission Accomplished.

At around 7:30 PM last night, I wrote the final sentence of Undead. Then I pasted the text into the little validation box on the NaNoWriMo page so it could check my word count and declare me a winner. Then I ordered my “winner” t-shirt and printed out my certificate, then posed with it and promptly collapsed on the sofa to watch the rest of Jessica Jones. Several people have asked me why I would Continue Reading →

Into the Final Stretch

While I have continued to check in daily and write something toward Undead, there were a lot of days last week that had me falling further and further behind. On Friday I managed to get back to “par” by writing 2400 words and then Sunday was pretty much the opposite as I wrote only 125 words while trying to sort out how to weave together the various plot threads I’ve left dangling. I told myself Continue Reading →

More Words, Better Balance

Week two of NaNoWriMo didn’t get me very far ahead. As writing goes, I had one “good” day and a bunch of “almost enough” days but I still wrote every day. My current word count is just below the halfway mark at 23,585 for the month of November. Added to my existing word count my manuscript is already at 47,942! And man, do I need to write these characters out of the mess they are Continue Reading →

First Week’s Words

Week one of NaNoWrimo, seven days, thirteen thousand, two hundred and fifty words added to Undead. I’m not gonna lie; it feels really good. It feels good to be writing every day; to be spending less time re-sharing content others have created; to be getting closer to that elusive first draft. It also feels good to be back with these characters; back in their heads. Best part has been watching my little bar graph climb Continue Reading →

Itching to Write

As November approaches I find myself once again pondering NaNoWriMo. I have tried before and get so easily sidetracked…. but I am still considering trying again this year. If I do, it will be with one of three already-in-progress novels — two of which have been the subject of previous NaNoWriMo attempts. Whatever I do, I want to start with an outline, before I dive in further. Only one of the three has an outline, Continue Reading →

Influences on my Writing

Last month, someone on tumblr asked me to list 5 influences on my writing. Trying to narrow it down to five was a challenge, but I came up with this list: Stephen King for On Writing, the best guide I’ve read to being a writer Judy Blume for being honest about her characters with her readers e.e. cummings for showing me how to write poetry that flows without punctuation Dr. Seuss for reminding me that Continue Reading →