My library life

Today, I intended the inaugural Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference — the first time staff at all levels from libraries of all types (academic, public, specialty) in the region came together to talk about and share what we do and how we can do it better. It was pretty solidly a success. The last session was a panel of library leaders — the heads of Camosun, UVic, and GVPL — and one of the questions Continue Reading →


When September started, the bus schedule changed. After some juggling, I found that I could leave the house at almost 7:30 — about 15-20 minutes later than I had been. When school reopened after the strike, Kiddo started at a new school with a different bus route. Her shift meant that she started leaving the house at about the same time as me. Tomorrow, everything shifts again. Shawn starts a job on campus in the ETCL, in the next Continue Reading →

Boiling Over

As a union member I have listened to a lot of anti-union slurs over the years.  I’m tired of hearing it. I’ve been simmering but now I am boiling over. By accepting a job with my employer, I accepted membership in my union. I see this aspect of my life as no different from being a member of a congregation or having a particular body shape. Society thinks it’s wrong to discriminate or harass someone based Continue Reading →

Expanding on My Epiphany

Despite suffering some pretty intense dental pain over the past few days (or maybe because of it), I have not been able to put aside thoughts of where I could go with my “employment epiphany.” I got some initial feedback from friends — including some questions from Shawn that have been swirling in my head, Why do you want to do this? and What will you promise your clients? — and I spoke to a Continue Reading →

Employment Epiphany

Those of you who have followed my blog for any amount of time know I have been struggling with the “what do I want to do with my life” question for some time; it’s why I helped to pull together the Purpose Party two and a half years ago. At that time, I was convinced that I still wanted to teach. However, several attempts at training and teaching and mentoring just didn’t feel right. I Continue Reading →

Unintended Extended Absence

Shortly before I posted my last post (lump), my laptop just basically stopped working one night. I took it in for repairs and it was gone almost two full weeks. Since its return, I have been playing catch-up on almost everything. My writing is wildly off-schedule as is everything else (including several podcasts for Cloud and Silver Lining that have been lurking on my drive which, thankfully, was not affected by the laptop death — Continue Reading →

Library Podcasts

In all the hours I’ve spent listening to podcasts, it never crossed my mind to seek out library-based or related shows. I’ll be listening to some of these in coming weeks and maybe report back on those that shine. Library of Congress — includes podcasts on the National Book Festival, Digital Preservation, and Music and the Brain British Library — covers subjects from tours to talks to exhibitions Seattle Public Library — highlights author readings Continue Reading →

The Week That Was

I realize I’ve been remiss in filling you in on my week in Vancouver. I was there to attend the CUPE National Convention — a gathering every two years (the location changes each time) of representatives from every CUPE local in Canada. This year, it was held at the Vancouver Conference Centre West (the building on the left of this image):

FreelanceCamp a Success

Yesterday, we gathered at InHub Coworking with about 40 other freelancers to kick off the inaugural FreelanceCamp Victoria. The small group had lots of ideas and lots of information to share — a dozen people pitched sessions and we mapped them all out, based on who needed the biggest room! Session topics ranged from freelancer finances to SEO strategies (see photo, right). Unfortunately, not everyone could go to every session but we tried our best Continue Reading →

Burnout All Around

This morning, I fired up the coffeemaker as usual. Twenty minutes later, Mike asks, “Is this all the coffee you made?” holding up the caraffe with only 3 cups out of 12 brewed. We quickly figured out the element was toast. Mike, much brighter than I am before coffee, calmly boiled the kettle and poured it over the grounds until the caraffe was full. Clever. At work I am midway through a four-day Photoshop CS5 webinar Continue Reading →