Weekend Cocoon

I realized that November and December have evaporated because they were packed with social responsibilities — too packed, to be honest. I hit my limit Friday night and by the time I left the party to pick up my partner from work, I was ready to cocoon. Knowing I still had stuff I was committed to on Saturday and Sunday, I made the choice to pull back considerably. Not staying home and hiding, exactly, but backing away from a couple of events and parties this weekend and doing my own thing.

Friday evening I stayed over with a partner. The morning started off wonderfully slow then I thought I might try and see if I could get a matinee ticket to see the new Star Wars movie but both the 11:30 and noon showings downtown were sold out. I came back home, did some tidying, went online, and found a ticket for a 3:30 showing (the benefit of going alone on opening weekend is that single seats are more easily found).

I settled into my comfy recliner seat, paying minimal attention to the ads and trailers and then, as soon as the opening scroll began to edge across the screen with the theme music rising behind it, I started crying. So much of Star Wars reminds me of Dale, I couldn’t separate the thought of him and the grief took over. After the film, I was extremely fragile and thankful I’d chosen to see it alone. I’m happy I saw it before anyone spoiled things for me, and for what it’s worth, I thought it fit well within the SW universe and within the canon as is. Not all fans agree. I will probably need to see it again before I can separate my feelings about the film itself from my grief and memories.

Instead of going home, I went over to curl up and watch animated Christmas movies with a friend. We watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Year Without A Santa Claus, then I introduced her to Olive, the Other Reindeer. She fed me dinner, too, and I stayed over.

After breakfast, we went on a bit of an adventure out to see Stewart Mountain Forge — a local artisan blacksmith and metalworking space in the Highlands. We followed that with lunch and conversation at the Axe & Barrel and then I came home to nap. On the way home, I stocked up on Cold Comfort ice cream because my freezer looked sad without ice cream inside.

I still have stuff to do this evening — a Tool Library meeting and another social gathering, but this week should be quieter.

In the meantime, I am enjoying a nice hot cup of tea while I catch up on social media stuff I skipped before I head out in the rain again.

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