What a fucking year.

This year had some seriously big peaks and valleys personally and the whole damned year was punctuated throughout by political issues that have made my stomach churn any time I check the news

My own valleys include the unexpected loss of my brother and the disappointing end of one of my relationships. The peaks, however, outweigh those valleys. Getting the Victoria Tool Library up and running (and thriving), trips to Calgary and Toronto, and the relationships I added and built have kept my spirits up through an otherwise tough year.

I did not finish reading Ulysses. Despite a good start, I got derailed in the spring and never quite got back on track. I also didn’t finish my manuscript although I did meet and talk with an author who has agreed to read my manuscript when I am done the next draft. And I won’t meet my goal of 36 books this year but I still read plenty — I might get to 30 by the 31st… we’ll see.

I did do lots of stuff though. I developed some better sleep habits and I started to get back into my yoga and exercise routine but that got thrown off by a lingering chest cold through the fall. I worked a lot of hours volunteering for the tool library and for labour events. I did decide in the fall to step away from the labour council though, and that has helped my feelings of being overextended.

I took LOTS of photos — nothing surprising there — and took part in some photo shoots, much to my amusement. I saw some great films, read some great books, knitted things, wrote and made art. I got progressively grumpier about the world at large, but at least I did something to make my part of it a little brighter. I added wacky colours to my hair and started using a new name. So despite the undertow of crap on the global stage, and despite my losses, I’m leaving the year with a pretty happy glow about myself.

Some visual highlights…

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