Read Harder

The last reading challenge I did was in 2015 — I didn’t come anywhere near completing the 52 books on that list and I found it frustrating to always try and fit what I read into that list but it did expose me to things I would not have otherwise selected. This year, I am going to dive into Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge. It’s their fourth kick at the can. There are 24 categories Continue Reading →


What a fucking year. This year had some seriously big peaks and valleys personally and the whole damned year was punctuated throughout by political issues that have made my stomach churn any time I check the news My own valleys include the unexpected loss of my brother and the disappointing end of one of my relationships. The peaks, however, outweigh those valleys. Getting the Victoria Tool Library up and running (and thriving), trips to Calgary Continue Reading →

Weekend Cocoon

I realized that November and December have evaporated because they were packed with social responsibilities — too packed, to be honest. I hit my limit Friday night and by the time I left the party to pick up my partner from work, I was ready to cocoon. Knowing I still had stuff I was committed to on Saturday and Sunday, I made the choice to pull back considerably. Not staying home and hiding, exactly, but Continue Reading →