Rebuilding my Routine

When I moved from the house to the apartment, my fitness regimen fell apart, even though I had worked so hard to build that habit by doing the fitness study in the early months of 2015. I made excuses for a while and then I just developed different habits. When Pokemon Go first launched in 2016 I was walking 5-10km per day now it gets me out of the house every day but I am not nearly as active. When I travel I often walk 5-10 km while sightseeing and exploring.

Basically, I know there are people far less active than me, but I also recognize that I need to bring it back up a bit: I want more strength, more flexibility, and more stamina.

Around the time everything went sideways with Dale, I recommitted to getting into shape — being out of shape contributed to his heart attack and I am not ready to leave yet. I reached out to friends in search of a personal trainer. I wanted someone who could help me build an exercise routine that I could do at home, indoors and alone, and who could correct my form to make sure I wasn’t risking injury in the way I was moving my body.

Instead I got put in touch with someone who was pushing trademarked exercise programs and nutritional shakes. The experience was frustrating to say the least as they refused to believe that my goal was not weight loss and that I did not feel the need to purchase their proprietary dietary supplements.

A whole bunch of posts by both friends and strangers in the past couple of days reminded me that the MLM marketer had put me so far off track I’d forgotten my goal. Last night, I made the decision to fix that and left my yoga mat out so I would see it in the morning and remember to use it. While I forgot initially, I did see it in enough time to pull up a sequence on YouTube and do it.

Now one of my partners is helping me manage all of this, and will help to keep me on target. So for now I am going back to what I know:

  1. Every weekday morning will include 20 min of yoga.
  2. Every workday will include a single circuit of the Ring Road — generally this is a 25 min brisk walk.
  3. On days that I cannot do the Ring Road circuit (meetings/inclement weather/not at work) I will substitute 25 minutes of other exercise so that daily goals will be a minimum of 45 minutes of exercise/activity.
  4. Weekends will also include exercise but will be varied and one day will be a rest day.

Today I did both the yoga and the Ring Road circuit. I’d completely forgotten how much more awake I feel after morning yoga, and the circuit came with the added bonus of a handful of foraged blackberries. Huzzah!

6 Replies to “Rebuilding my Routine”

    • Indeed, though the finest and ripest berries were out of reach for me. A handful of smaller fruit was enough to put a smile on my face.

  1. Well done Cheryl! I often forage for blackberries as I walk for a few minutes after my jog through the back alleys of my neighbourhood. Your goals sound manageable and achievable – I wish you success and lots of little perks to sweeten up your exercising.

  2. I love this. I too am trying to get back to my good habits. I loved how I felt right after my big race last fall.
    Slowly it is happening. We will encourage each other.
    And bonus ripe berries? Best part of my runs right now.

    • Yay! Encouragement and motivation from others has been a big part of why I feel like this is the right time for this change. Here’s to building good habits.