Progress has not been as fast as I’d imagined.

I realized today that my YearOfYes hit the one year mark last month and I need to stop looking for things to do. The start of this year has been especially top-heavy with commitments and I am wearing out.

Meanwhile, my word of the year is “complete” and I look around to see very little actually completed.

  • My knitting projects are largely stalled (only the one I took to work has shown real progress) although I did complete a pussy-hat in time for International Women’s Day.
  • I realized that I simply won’t ever finish the cataloguing or outreach for the tool library — I have to consider these as ongoing projects rather than something with a definable end point.
  • While I have been doing doodles and haiku — and have managed to write a poem-a-day throughout April, National Poetry Month — I failed to work on my main writing projects. A few of the haiku can be used for my bigger haiku project but most are going to end up in the slush pile. I haven’t addressed Undead at all.
  • I stopped journalling midway through February… I am not convinced it is worth revisiting this (though I know some of you will tell me why I should)
  • I am on target for on my reading goal (12/36 books) but I am behind on my 52 Films by Women goal (only 6/52; I should be up to 17), in part because I’ve been weighed down by so many dramatic and documentary choices. I’m trying to find lighter fare.

So. What now?

I started by revising my COMPLETE list that sits in the hallway. I’m going to try to consciously shift my priorities to make time for my writing, even if that means scheduling it in to my already full calendar. I added “rest” to my don’t forget corner of the list because I realized that was falling off my priorities too.

My To Do list includes a lot of things that aren’t top priorities and don’t necessarily fit on that list but need to be addressed. Things like: assessing my websites and adjusting and shifting where things live; revising my business pages and priorities; clearing out my storage locker (I don’t want to continue paying for extra storage space for stuff I probably don’t need); and either completing or bailing on some crafting commitments. It also includes short term things that are relatively easy to accomplish.

I have vacation time coming up at the end of the month but that will be spent traveling to and exploring Toronto. I would love a month where I could just focus on my priorities and nothing more, but that isn’t likely to happen and I’ll have to keep making choices.



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