Catching My Breath

The word I chose for this year is Complete and so far I did manage one of my big three goals for the first part of this year, “seeing the successful opening of the Victoria Tool Library” which launched on February 4th. Yesterday was Seedy Saturday, the event that initially pushed the tool library from a nascent idea into a group project in 2015. I came on board just after that, and stuck around to become a board member in the summer of 2015. Last year we attended Seedy Saturday in the midst of our fundraising campaign and this year we were determined to be open before the event rolled around.

It was so gratifying to tell people we were open for business. We each had our own “patter” and mine included, “Yes! We exist now! Two years in the making, two weeks open.” It got a lot of smiles.

However, Seedy Saturday is a long (and energy-draining) event. We had to be there before 9 to set up and I got home around 5 after returning things to the tool library, then immediately got on the bus to go for beers with the board. CHEERS!

While only three of the board members made it out for beers, it was good to chat about where we are and what needs to happen next. VicTL won’t be moving off my to do list for a while yet — next goal is to get some volunteers trained so I can have some of my weekends and other time back.

Looking forward to that!


Aside from tool library, life has been steadily busy but today I am catching my breath. I have a couple of social get-togethers on the books today but low-stress and I am not rushing around to do any errands or extra cleaning or anything else.

I tidied my altar and said a few words this morning. I aired out the apartment. I cooked myself breakfast and had coffee, then tea. I ate chocolate. I got this post written. I facebooked. I pet the cat. I watched a squirrel dig in my containers (oh so YOU’RE the asshole…).  I did some reading.

I took time to just be.



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