Just One Word

A lot of people I know choose a word or three words to use as a focus for their year ahead. Focus was the word I chose for myself in 2015 although I had to shift that focus a few times through that year. I didn’t choose a word in 2016, but instead made a promise to live “openly, authentically, and to the fullest” — and that promise persists.

So, for 2017, one word or three? I do love triumvirates but I think ultimately a single word serves as a better focus. I threw around about a dozen words — all good, some better, some that work best as part of a trio. Ultimately I decided on a single word with a double meaning: complete.

I chose complete because there are some projects I want to see finished this year, including: getting Undead revised and to a publisher; seeing the successful opening of the Victoria Tool Library; and getting across the finish line for a collaborative haiku project I started last summer. In both short and long term, I really enjoy crossing things off lists. I use a kids’ IKEA easel as my visual reminder board and bought a refill roll of paper last time I was in Vancouver. I will post a daily and weekly checklist somewhere obvious in addition to the big ongoing list. Every evening I can ask myself, “what did I complete today?” and each month I will ask myself what I completed in the previous month. This means I will have to focus and be organized, but I can look ahead to the relief I will feel as each of these projects crosses a finish line.

The other meaning of complete is to make whole, so that’s appropriate. Basically an extension of last year’s promise about how to live my life, being my whole self: imperfections, quirks, and all!

What do you think? Do you have a word or words of the year?

EDIT to add, here’s what my Big To Do list looks like with the focus word at the top!

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