My Word of the Year

wordle-goalsAfter reading some of my friend Yukari’s Facebook posts, I discovered the idea of a word for the year, a word you use as a guide for your practices, your decision-making, your goals, and a lens through which to see your year. There have been books, apps, and several websites written about the practice, meant to replace “resolutions” (e.g. Christine Kane’s Word of the Year Discovery Tool). For me, I plan to use it to amplify my goals.

I don’t know if there is a right way to choose a word but for me, I knew I wanted one word that would help me reach some important goals but also allow me to grow in more emotional and spiritual dimensions. I thought about “build,” “complete” and “finish” which are both good words for creative endeavors but lack the other aspect. After re-reading my last post on goals for the coming year, the word leapt out at me: 2015WordI want to find more focus in my life. I want to focus on priorities. I want to focus on building relationships. I want to focus on finishing tasks. I want to focus on my health. If I focus, I can ignore at least some of the distraction. If I focus, I can accomplish things in 2015.

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