Small garden, small bounty

2014-08-09 16.11.08This year’s garden was pared back from past years; only what I thought could grow was planted. For the most part, this was a sound plan; the garden has been easy to manage. The tomatoes are growing well and carrots and beans are, too.

However, for the second year running, I’ve put in multiple squash plants and got nothing. Plenty of flowers, no fruits. I changed the location within the beds where I planted them, so they get more sun and plenty of water but that’s obviously not it. The ones I put in the front are also not producing fruit. I am really confused at this point — only thing I can think of is that something is eating the fruit before they can develop.

Right now, though, it’s fruit harvest time: apples and plums aplenty. My favourite apples, off the oldest tree, I’ve dubbed “cammoflapples” because I can never see them until *just* before they are ripe — and they tend to plummet to the ground at the slightest breeze. From the other trees, I gathered a box full of unblemished apples for cold-storage plus pounds and pounds of apples that are going to need “editing” before use. I’m thinking, if the weather cools a little I can make applesauce.

2014-08-17 13.51.07

Plums…. I never know what to do with them. Took a dozen to a friend’s tonight; may take more into work. May just invite people to glean what they want! I would like to find a good plum sauce recipe (maybe this one?) — though most Chinese plum sauce is actually made with apricots, not plums!

I’m thankful for every morsel I can get from my garden, but still confused as to why it’s been an uphill battle. We supplemented the soil with plenty of compost — and were gifted many, many tomato plants from doing so — but for whatever reason, something is still not right. Any thoughts? Suggestions?

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