Snip Snip.

2013-09-09 16.50.34This time tomorrow I will be recuperating, following two quick little snips (or, since the Doctor said he’d likely be using a laser, maybe two light sabre swoooshes) through my fallopian tubes. Take that, ovaries!

We knew long ago that Kiddo was to be an only child but it got to the point where an unwanted pregnancy at my age, while more rare, can also be risky and I just wanted to reduce that risk. I had no interest in giving drug companies more money for birth control and I wasn’t particularly interested in an IUD which has a habit of making the menstrual cycle heavier.

Shawn and I discussed it and, while it could have gone either way, ultimately I felt that should anything happen to Shawn, I still wouldn’t want to get pregnant; should anything happen to me, I want him to still have that option. Also, my body, my call.

I got on the waitlist to see a specialist (that took a very long time) and he went over the risks. There were a few that were alarming, but by the numbers pretty unlikely. There was one though that is completely unpredictable: 1/1000 women has a large blood vessel that is located directly under one of the typical incision spots. It’s not fatal, it’s just a complication that means a larger incision and a longer healing time. In all the years that Doctor has practiced, he has actually seen that once. Here’s hoping he doesn’t see it again.

Officially known as Tubal Ligation or Female Surgical Sterilization, it’s still considered major surgery because it requires full anesthetic, but it is also an outpatient procedure so I have to prep myself (I have specific detailed instructions on the order I am to scrub parts of my body with the special prep sponges — twice) and won’t stay overnight.

The worst part? No food after midnight tonight. At least I can have coffee in the morning.

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