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payingforloveDespite how crazy the past few weeks have been, we managed to cram in WordCamp Victoria on Saturday. We had a great time slot  — between the keynote and lunch — and a decent number of people in the room for our talk that we cheekily called “Paying for Love,” all about premium themes. (The Prezi for our session is also online if you are interested.)

I know, you may have heard me say I was “done” with WordCamp after last year — I was tense going in and felt frustrated when the day was done — but then Mike was invited to speak this year and we pitched a joint presentation. WordCamps aren’t paid gigs so this way we could share the work. This year, I felt ready, was not at all worried about our session, and was very comfortable within the WordCamp crowd. It was still draining to be “on” all day but eventually slept like a rock once I got to bed.

The other reason I got more out of this year’s WordCamp is that I felt like I chose the right sessions for me — all except one which went way over my head and even in that one I learned something. Aside from our own session, I learned about plugins, AJAX, search, and, social media planning (I took away lots of stats from that session — no slides yet) — guess which one went over my head?

Overall there was a good amount of substance, I felt like there was more networking (or that I was getting better at it), and the best decision I made was not going to any of the sessions in the last timeslot. Instead, I ended up giving an impromptu lesson to someone on setting up and using Pinterest. Out of that, I was able to connect two people who should be able to cross-promote services. Yay!

After the session, we attended the after party at Cabin 12. We picked up Kiddo and brought her along which would have been OK except part way into dinner, she lost a tooth and subsequently her appetite. Still a trooper though, she made it through another 45 minutes or so before we had to bail to get her home.

BONUS: I gained two books out of the day; need to add them to my GoodReads queue now…

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