Shop Local This Season

toys toys toysI realized recently to my horror, that I have barely begun Christmas shopping… as usual, I had grand ideas of handmade gifts and I may still try to do a few of those, but for the rest of my gifts I will be doing everything possible to shop locally. This is not as easy as it sounds though because several family members have requested gift cards to chain stores and I would prefer to give them what they want than inflict my socio-economic ideals on their celebration. That said, here are some of the places and products I will be supporting (and I support them year-round, too)

For the readers:

  • Bolen Books — while Hillside Mall is being renovated, parking is a pain, but it’s one of the best bookstores in town.
  • Munro’s Books — one of the reasons to go downtown; their remainders selection is always overflowing with great deals.
  • Legends Comics — knowledgeable and helpful in all things comic and graphic novel, and home of The Perogy Cat too.

For the foodies:

  • Victoria Public Market — until the permanent market opens up (in April ) the winter markets every other saturday are the best place to get the latest offerings from the Vancouver Island Salt Co.
  • Babe’s Honey — after the original farm was torn apart following criminal financial dealings, three former workers bought the rights to the name and are now selling it again through Galey Farms.
  • Silk Road Tea — wide variety of every sort of tea including a number of unique blends.
  • Roger’s Chocolates — mmMMMmm; really can’t miss with these local sugary confections.
For the rest:
  • Kaboodles Toys — new toys for kids of all ages; great selection of puppets, LEGO sets, Playmobil, games, learning and creative toys.
  • Cherry Bomb Toys — toys for bigger kids. Collectibles, LEGO-by-the-cup, and lots of GI Joe, Transformers and Star Wars stuff.



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