Complexity of Meat

The next step in the current urban homesteading trend is raising animals for meat. Several cities and towns have started to look at bylaws surrounding the issue as urban farmers want to step up from eggs to something more — whether chickens, geese, rabbits, goats, or other smaller food animals. Locally, one former city counsellor expressed an interest in amending our bylaws to include a provision for keeping goats for dairy, but not food. It Continue Reading →

The Writer’s Ego

Ego can be a fragile thing, as easily built up as it is crushed, often with just a few words or these days a few clicks of a social media button. Being a writer and putting one’s words out there — be they fiction or fact — requires a certain amount of ego protection — a thick outer skin. In a world where anyone who has access to a computer can publish their work, stories Continue Reading →

Juggling Cats and Chainsaws

Time management and its big brother Project Management are key to any business but they also apply to families and other groups too. Directly related to both, scheduling has become a four letter word in our house. In any week we may have to juggle: meetings with clients, meetings with other freelancers, medical appointments, birthday parties, gaming sessions, Purpose Party check-ins, vehicle maintenance, business mixers, parent-teacher consultations, classes, plus the usual household management tasks (cooking/laundry/housework). This Continue Reading →

New and notable

While I am getting ready for WordCamp and trying to keep all the other balls in the air, I have been trying to procrastinate in a creative way — still producing stuff that is useful. Here’s what I did while avoiding other stuff this weekend: After watching Hobo with a Shotgun late Friday night, I was reminded of Machine Girl which we found thanks to Netflix last fall. I wrote a combined review for both, since Continue Reading →


January has suddenly become deadline month for Those DeWolfes Creative. We have several contracts in the air, writing work, and WordCamp (in ten days!!!), plus we plan to offer the first of our ongoing training sessions in partnership with DTI Computers this month.

New Year Memo – Kindle Edition

I went to bed late on December 30th and had trouble sleeping — an idea for a story was brewing and wouldn’t let me rest. At 2:30 a.m. I got up and banged out a couple hundred words that would serve as the skeleton. Yesterday, I got up and started filling out the story. By 2:00 p.m., after several passes it was done — I’d written nearly 1900 words without much of a thought or Continue Reading →