Who Are The 99 Percent?

We are.  The idea was put forth by Occupy Wall St.: Occupy Wall Street is leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. While it smacks of anarchy, it seems to have found a foothold, even if mainstream media is completely ignoring the stories. For more info see: Continue Reading →

Writing – Reading – Creating

In writing, I realized I’ve been lax in my Friday Flash Fiction posts and in my fiction writing in general. In part, I think this is because I am not reading much fiction, something I aim to fix. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve finished reading a physical book (I have read several e-books in the past year). Most books sit on my desk at work or my bedside table with bookmarks — Continue Reading →

The Exodus Begins…

…and I couldn’t be more amused. Apparently Mike and I are not alone in coming to the conclusion that Facebook has taken a sharp turn to the Dark Side (and not in a good way). It’s as though the sharp turn was a jolt that woke everyone up (like the van-crash, Inception-style!). So far two people from my friends list have completely deactivated their accounts (whether permanently or not, I don’t know yet) and post Continue Reading →

Podcasting Groove

Mike and I have now finished recording our fourth Those DeWolfes Podcast (episode 3 for those keeping track) but today marks the release of Episode 2 — we are committing to a one-per-week release schedule and aiming for Tuesdays which Mike feels is “the nerdiest day of the week.” We’ve gotten into a good recording groove, too. I can set everything up in about 5 minutes, tidy up the recording in about 15-20 more, followed Continue Reading →

Forgoing Facebook

Friday I decided to logout of Facebook at work* and try to not check it. I knew  it had become a habit but, wow, was I surprised by the numbers. I kept track between 9 am and 3:30 pm of each time I consciously thought, “I should check Facebook,”: 8 times. Plus once when I thought about posting something there and once that I clicked on a short link from Twitter that was for a Facebook event Continue Reading →

We are all celebrities now

Like most people between 15 and 50, I share a lot online. Some, like this blog, is shared very consciously; some, like my Flickr stream, are more cumulative — one can easily create a stalker-friendly snapshot from the aggregate therein. Then there is Facebook. Sometimes I shudder at how much of “me” is out there — a few keystrokes in the search engine of your choice will find websites, social media accounts, and many, many Continue Reading →

Burnout All Around

This morning, I fired up the coffeemaker as usual. Twenty minutes later, Mike asks, “Is this all the coffee you made?” holding up the caraffe with only 3 cups out of 12 brewed. We quickly figured out the element was toast. Mike, much brighter than I am before coffee, calmly boiled the kettle and poured it over the grounds until the caraffe was full. Clever. At work I am midway through a four-day Photoshop CS5 webinar Continue Reading →

Craft Panic

Someone tweeted today that it was only 98 days to Christmas — as I type it has rolled over to 97. Normally, I’d be all dismissive about such a post but this year I vowed to handmake some gifts — at least one gift for each person on my list (which is at least 15 names long) — and I started to do the math then panicked. Of course it will just take some planning Continue Reading →


After much talking about doing a podcast, Mike and I finally sat down on Monday night and recorded our “pilot episode” — of course, I had not counted the two we’d done long ago (including “Weasels,” recorded in 2006) — so now I am considering this our “reboot” series. In Episode 0.5 we discuss the state of social media — touching on instability (ACID vs. BASE) , nymwars, and where things will be in three years Continue Reading →

Can you spare an audio clip?

Last night, Mike and I recorded the first episode (0.5 — beta version) of the Those DeWolfes Podcast and now we need an opener. I’m looking for a number of people to say “Those DeWolfes” — any way you’d like: whisper it, yell it, give it your craziest accent, replace a famous brand name in a slogan, say it like we owe you money or we saved your bacon. If you can record a clip Continue Reading →