Of Blizzards Past

OK, really just one, and it wasn’t exactly a blizzard as much as a record-breaking dump of snow. The winter of 1996 was remembered for one thing, snow that totally shut down the city for several days.

Mike and I were living in a crappy suite in a house on Ormond St., just behind Central School. I say crappy because when the house was converted into suites, they had one thermostat for the central heating and it was not in the two bedroom unit at the back end, where we lived.

Anyway, we were living there and had planned for a holiday open-house on the Saturday after Christmas. Our place was all festived-up and full of food a few friends braved the cold but as the flakes started to fall they made their way home. Sadly, my memory is foggy on a lot of the details of that evening but I do recall being very cold.

The next morning we discovered that our cat had burrowed under the covers by our feet — maybe because the temperature was a balmy 5°C in the bedroom and there were snowdrifts up to the deck. Thanks to our crappy suite, the only way we could heat the place was with the oven. We turned it on, cracked opened the door and left it that way for most of the day.

When Mike ventured out Monday morning, the city was still largely paralyzed so he walked all the way to work (according to Google Maps, about 9 km) through snow that looked like this:


That’s Fort Street, looking into town from pretty much Ormond. Kids were sledding down that hill! When I am in my 80s I will still be talking about that snowstorm. No matter how many details I forget or mis-remember, I will always remember it as the first holiday season Mike and I were together and for that reason alone, it rocked.

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