As NaBloPoMo wraps up tonight, I am calling it a success — I only missed posting 5 days out of the 30. Yay! So, what’s the verdict, do you like reading more posts or was my¬†haphazard¬†posting good enough? I suspect I will slip back into the irregular posting soon enough; I have a busy month ahead. Speaking of wrapping, I tried out the serger tonight (finally) and, wow, is that sucker efficient! I made a Continue Reading →

The Coolest Job

Apparently, several friends think I have “the coolest job” — this, I discovered after posting this status update to Facebook this morning: this week, work is all about anarchy — specifically a collection of anarchist publications and ephemera held by UVic Special Collections I have switched gears a lot in the past 10 workdays covering: theses and dissertations from the Spring 2010 convocation, Communist Chinese Posters, Dickens’ Little Dorrit in serial form, and now anarchist Continue Reading →

Sell sell sell!

Spurred in part by Friday’s basement shuffle and in part by our decision to replace the chairs in the living room with a love seat, we decided it was time to let go of some of the clutter. Yesterday, I spent a big portion of the day photographing and listing stuff we want to sell off. I fired up UsedVictoria and prepared to place a bunch of ads when I discovered “sellers lists” — brilliant! Continue Reading →

Shift in space

Once again, I found myself looking around at piles of stuff. Stuff I don’t need. Stuff I just keep shuffling from one area to another. But I will have to deal with the stacks of crap later. Tonight I was determined to find enough space to set up my serger which has been sitting in its box since I got it last Christmas. Hours of shuffling, sorting and cleaning revealed (most of) a table top… Continue Reading →

I hate mice.

I can handle spiders, snakes, insects and most creepy-crawlies, but you throw a small, uncaged rodent in my path and I am likely to scream and run faster than I ever did in gym class. When I was living on my own, shortly before I met Mike, I discovered to my horror that there were mice in the house. Trying to figure out how they got in, I started pulling boxes and cans out of Continue Reading →


I’ve been sitting here tonight trying to figure out why I am so exhausted — I yawned through my afternoon meeting and grabbed a quick nap when I got home, but it really wasn’t sufficient. I think it might be because I actually got really excited and “into” work this morning. (Yes, really!) We’re starting a new project — collaborating with Dr. Richard King from Pacific and Asian Studies to digitize about 150 posters from Continue Reading →

Music Moment

I picked up this CD at the Lovecraft Birthday Celebration in August where I saw Jeff Andrew perform. I tucked the CD in my bag and took it to work where it lingered on my desk until today. I needed something to focus my brain while I worked. It was a chilly, grey morning and I couldn’t have picked a better disc to pop in the drive. A little bit Tom Waits and a little Continue Reading →

Of Blizzards Past

OK, really just one, and it wasn’t exactly a blizzard as much as a record-breaking dump of snow. The winter of 1996 was remembered for one thing, snow that totally shut down the city for several days. Mike and I were living in a crappy suite in a house on Ormond St., just behind Central School. I say crappy because when the house was converted into suites, they had one thermostat for the central heating Continue Reading →

Weather’s coming.

The title to this post is a reference to an annoying Tim Horton’s ad from a few years back in which an employee looks out the window an announces, “Weather’s coming,” before she gets a bunch of drinks ready for all the folks who will stream in on cue. Thing is, as any child can tell you, “weather” is out there all the time; bad weather might be on the way, or rough, stormy, cold, Continue Reading →

Kiddo’s First Craft Fair

I shared my table today with Kiddo and her Rainbow Cat Creations — specifically her yarn dolls and bookmarks. She was a retail star; she grasped the 6′ rule without my prompting, greeting anyone that even so much as cast a sideways glance at the table, and gleefully announced our special offer (a free bookmark with a purchase of $5 or more). While I had wondered if the snow would cause trouble, it didn’t (it Continue Reading →