Friday Fun with Food

Really, this is one of those link-dump posts but all the links are food-related in some way… so enjoy!

  • Always good for information I didn’t need, @mental_floss delivered via Twitter the History of the Potato Chip. Mmm, salty.
  • This morning, my Twitter feed also gave me The mathematics of boneless pork rectums. You know I had to click and now it’s all I will think about when I next dine out for Dim Sum. (Thanks @Dyscultured for bringing that unwelcome knowledge to my attention.)
  • (Canadian) Thanksgiving is coming up and if you can get your mitts on some wee pumpkins, you need to make these super-tasty pumpkin-cheesecakes that Mike dreamed up.
  • Last night, as I was whipping up apple crumble and applesauce from the fruit I had picked two days earlier, I was thinking about recent articles on proprietary food and the rise of urban foraging — two things that remind me to be thankful I have a yard where I can grow my own food (don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of urban foraging but if everyone joined in, we could easily wipe out some plants).
  • I posted this tale of warning about baking with strange ingredients on Facebook a while back but it is worth another read. It’s also a good reminder that one ought to always shop Asian superstores with someone who can read the original rather than the English translation (note: the photo which shows the “warning” has actually been edited to add the text that should be there but isn’t).

Finally, in case you’ve ever wondered where your favourite fruit falls in xkcd’s estimation of two axes of tastiness and ease of access, now you know:

xkcd comic

The title of that cartoon, btw? “Fuck Grapefruit.”

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