Bandwagon Mounted!

Yup. I am one of the zillions of people playing Pokemon Go and I love it! I am an 80s kid, so I kinda missed Pokemon when it first hit North America in the 90s. I mean, even though I was busy being a 20something, I couldn’t really avoid it either, so before this week I could have still named a half dozen or so Pokemon. That said, I wasn’t into the handheld games or Continue Reading →

Whoop Whoop!

A lot of my friends have been boggled by my recent obsession over Insane Clown Posse. I’ve weathered everything from raised eyebrows to concerned brow furrows to derisive laughter. Friends have expressed shock that I not only bought tickets, but went to the show —  let alone that I ended up squarely in the splash zone/mosh pit, soaked to the bone with Faygo soda. Frankly it was one of the best nights of my life. Continue Reading →

This is Forty-Seven

Forty seven is an odd number. It doesn’t yet roll off my tongue, but I’m so very grateful to be here. I have everything I need and virtually everything I want. I’m healthy, housed, and loved. I finally feel close to whole again now that I’ve stopped trying to compartmentalize or hide aspects of myself. Whether you call it openness or honesty or transparency, whatever it is, it’s working for me, for the most part. Continue Reading →

Where did June go?

I swear it was just May last week and yet my birthday is around the corner. Yesterday some asshat posted a “six months to Christmas!” cartoon. A year ago I was in San Francisco and filled with joy about that adventure. This year, I’ve yet to make any plans as it’s been Busy As Usual. (I swear, 2016 will be remembered as the year I had no choice but to schedule everything!) Of course it Continue Reading →

Back to Class

When I woke up Thursday morning, the idea of going back to school was not on my mind. In fact, it hasn’t been on my mind for, well, decades. And yet a newsletter prompt took me to a link for the Public Relations Diploma program offered through UVic’s Continuing Studies — it’s delivered online; there are just 7 required courses plus 3 electives to complete the diploma; there isn’t a specific timeline and the cost Continue Reading →


In the past few weeks I have passed a few more milestones. I’ve been in the apartment a little over a year now. We sold the house (that was an intense and somewhat unsatisfying experience — a long story but the important part is that the deal is signed and will close in early July). The divorce is in the last queue for the signing of the final order. Once that is signed everything will Continue Reading →

Ink & Me

On Friday, I overheard an endearing little conversation between a mother and her young daughter. A glance showed the girl to be about 4 I’d guess; her mother in her 30s. The girl was anxious and scared by a man she’d seen who had “so many tattoos!” Her mom asked her if it was just the tattoos that made him look scary. The girl admitted yes, it was just that there were so many, all Continue Reading →

Just Receive.

A few years ago, when The Secret (a repackaged version of the ages-old Laws of Attraction) was all the rage, the rule was “Ask, Believe, Receive” — and the core of that is, as far as I have found, fairly reliable in that it becomes your focus at least subconsciously so that you are more likely to attract the people who can make something happen or be attracted to situations that will put you closer Continue Reading →

Stretching Old Muscles


Yesterday, as part of my Year of Yes, I auditioned for a play. It was pretty much a whim at first — a friend had posted the call and I just thought the play looked fun. I was told to prepare a short monologue, which I did — and I rocked that — but before we went in, we were also told there would be a cold read of part of the script. As I Continue Reading →

Disruption in Space-Time

Well, maybe not so dire. But shifts and changes are afoot. After a lot of years of entangled and co-hosted websites, Shawn and I spent several hours over a few days earlier this month and split out the hosting of our websites. The result should be no different on your end — it’s all behind the scenes stuff; digital redirection — but if there is something you cannot find, give me a shout. Unfortunately, one Continue Reading →